Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parabens Alzira Sogrinha!!!

Es o gelado no bolo…
Es as fitas e os lacos…
Es as bolhinhas no sumo…
Es tao, tao especial…
Feliz Aniversario!!!!

Muuuuuuuitos Parabens e um dia muuuuuuuito feliz!
Ana Rute, Amer & Afonso

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AlJazeera Art Exhibiton 2011

Welcome to the Dawhat AlJazeera Art Exhibition 2011

25th May, 2011

Following a challenging and exciting academic year, it gives me great pleasure to display some of the numerous works of art produced by my students from grades 1 to 6.

It also brings me personal satisfaction to witness and measure their skills
progress and develepment.

This is obvious in how precise their works have become and how subconsciously they

have started using technical art terms in their daily life vocabulary.

It's time to go on vacations, but it's also time to reflect on what I have to improve on for next year.

We can always make things better!!

Wish you all happy, healthy and relaxed vacations and... In September, God willing, we will be back to bring out the best in our junior artists!

All the best!!!

Miss Ana

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Parabens Piriquito Afonso!!!!!

Feliz Aniversario, Meu Querido!!!!!

Que possas enfrentar o futuro com esperanca e coragem, entusiasmo, energia e alegria!

Apoia-te em todos eles e constroi uma vida que valha a pena ser vivida!

Com amor...

Mae e Amer xxxxx

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parabens Nani Grande!!!!

Os meus votos no teu aniversario sao: alegrias sem fim, presentes dados com amor, amigos ah tua volta, musica, danca, divertimentos e alegria. Felicidade!!

Muuuuitos Parabens Nani Grande!!!!!

Bj XXl

Ana Rute