Friday, January 30, 2009

14th February
Let me introduce myself. My name is Valentine. I lived in Rome during the third century. That was long, long ago! At that time, Rome was ruled by an emperor named Claudius. I didn't like Emperor Claudius at all, and I wasn't the only one! A lot of people shared my feelings.

Claudius wanted to have big armed forces. He expected men to volunteer to join. Many men just did not want to fight in wars. They did not want to leave their wives and families. As you might have guessed, not many men signed up. This made Claudius angry or better… furious! So what happened? He had an unwise and crazy idea. He thought that if men were not married, they would not mind joining the army. So Claudius decided not to allow any more marriages. Young people thought his new law was nasty and cruel. I thought it was ridiculous! I certainly wasn't going to support that decree!
By the way, did I mention that I was a priest? One of my favourite activities was to marry couples. Even after Emperor Claudius passed his law, I kept on performing marriage ceremonies (secretly, of course). It was really quite stimulating and exciting! Imagine a small candlelit room with only the bride and groom and myself... We would whisper the words of the ceremony, listening all the while for the steps of soldiers.

One night, we did indeed hear footsteps. It was creepy! Thank God the couple I was marrying runaway in time. I was caught. (Not quite as light on my feet as I used to be, I guess.) I was thrown in jail and told that my punishment and sentence was death.

I really tried to stay positive and cheerful… but do you know what? Wonderful things happened. Many young people came to the jail to visit me. They threw flowers and notes up to my window. They wanted me to know that they, too, believed in love and friendship.

One of these young people was the daughter of the prison guard. Her father allowed her to visit me in the cell. Sometimes we would sit and talk for hours. She helped me to keep my spirits and emotional state up. She agreed that I did the right thing by ignoring the Emperor and going ahead with the secret marriages. On the day I was to die, I left my friend a little note thanking her for her friendship and loyalty. I signed it, "Love from your Valentine."

I believe that note started the custom of exchanging love messages on Valentine's Day. It was written on the day I died, February 14, 269 A.D. Now, every year on this day, people remember me. But most importantly, they think about love and friendship. And when they think of Emperor Claudius, they remember how he tried to stand in the way of love, and they laugh, because they know that love can't be beaten!Celebrate it!
Don’t let it end!

Friday, January 23, 2009

27th January
It's Chocolate Cake Day !!!
When : Always January 27th

In my research I did not discover the foundation of this day. Maybe it was a baker, perhaps it was a food company… Most likely it was a chocolate cake eater!

If you have any information about this holiday, please let me know!

Chocolate Cake Day is a chocolate lover’s pleasure and a day, of course, to eat cake.

On this day, a white or yellow cake will not do at all! Nor will part chocolate or part white will meet requirements… It must be chocolate, all chocolate! You can make milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge, or any other type of chocolate cake.

The only allusion to Chocolate Day it’s just cards and calendar websites. This might lead you to conclude that this is a day for (and by) the cards companies. ;)

But we know it better - this day is for you, and all chocolate lovers!

There are three objectives of Chocolate Cake Day: To bake a chocolate cake, to decorate a chocolate cake and to eat a chocolate cake. Of course, if you are to busy to bake or decorate a cake, then just eating a chocolate cake will certainly do!

Hey, it's Chocolate Cake Day! The perfect time to pamper yourself and your cute loved ones!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

16th January 2009 - Religious Freedom Day

16th January
But Not For Everyone...

Today is National Religious Freedom Day in the United States, an event that celebrates one of the most cherished freedoms in EUA. It was on this day, January 16, in 1786 that the Virginia State Assembly adopted Thomas Jefferson's famous Virginia Stature for Religious Freedom. This landmark legislation became the foundation for the freedom of religion granted under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The freedom of religious expression in the U.S. has remained unshaken for 221 years, and it has been the inspiration for religious liberty around the globe.
The goal of Religious Freedom Day is to promote and protect students' religious expression rights by informing educators, parents, and students about these liberties.

The White House issued this proclamation:


Religious Freedom Day, 2009 A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Religious freedom is the foundation of a healthy and hopeful society. On Religious Freedom Day, we recognize the importance of the 1786 passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. We also celebrate the first liberties enshrined in our Constitution's Bill of Rights, which guarantee the free exercise of religion for all Americans and prohibit an establishment of religion.

Our Nation was founded by people seeking haven from religious persecution, and the religious liberty they found here remains one of this land's greatest blessings. As Americans, we believe that all people have inherent dignity and worth. Though we may profess different creeds and worship in different manners and places, we respect each other's humanity and expression of faith. People with diverse views can practice their faiths here while living together in peace and harmony, carrying on our Nation's noble tradition of religious freedom.

The United States also stands with religious dissidents and believers from around the globe who practice their faith peacefully. Freedom is not a grant of government or a right for Americans alone; it is the birthright of every man, woman, and child throughout the world. No human freedom is more fundamental than the right to worship in accordance with one's conscience.

Religious Freedom Day is an opportunity to celebrate our legacy of religious liberty, foster a culture of tolerance and peace, and renew commitments to ensure that every person on Earth can enjoy these basic human rights.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 16, 2009, as Religious Freedom Day. I call on all Americans to reflect on the great blessing of religious liberty, endeavor to preserve this freedom for future generations, and commemorate this day with appropriate events and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.

(Courtesy: The White House / Washington)

Personally, I don’t think that President Bush is the right one to talk about culture of tolerance and peace…
Let freedom ring!!!
I wish you a pleasant Religious Freedom Day!